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With our new Professional Services Model for SCADA, you can have a world class Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system running in your facility for free. No catches, no gimmicks.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a software system that gathers data from industrial devices. SCADA systems archive the information, provide data visualization, alarms, and other functions. They are also used to control the devices they connect to.

Status Enterprise is a modern, information model based SCADA system designed to connect facilities with the rest of the enterprise. Aggregate and organize data from local or geographically disperse assets and systems into a consolidated, well organized solution for alarming, archiving, analytics and real-time data visualization. The Status Enterprise platform is built on OPC UA (Unified Architecture).

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System Overview

Status Enterprise is engineered as a complete system built around an intelligent Information Model. The base system includes:

 Status Server - High performance OPC UA Server capable of managing up to 1 million assets.

 Visualization - Easy-to-use point and click graphics designer for creating graphical displays for Windows and any mobile device supporting HTML 5.

 Analytics - Choose from dozens of included functions like common arithmetic operations and unit conversions. Add your own analytical calculations. Fully customizable trends and charts.

 Runtime - High performance Windows thick client for desktop or touch screen computers, screen scheduling for digital signage, model browser for a rapid view of your entire system.

 Data Model Designer - The modern way to manage assets. Design an information model that perfectly describes your system.

 Connectivity - OPC UA, OPC DA, SNMP, MQTT, REST, Bar Code, GPS, Domoticz, RFID, SQL and ODBC data sources, Excel workbooks, Allen Bradley, BACnet, Modbus and Siemens S7 devices, as well as Monnit, Libelium, Advantech Wzzard, and B-Scada sensors. Custom data sources can also be supported.

 Historian - Archives live data for use in historical trends and reports.

 Alarms and Notifications - Send email notifications if values on a device go out of range notifying users of equipment malfunction.

 Reporting - Generate reports about the state of your assets in PDF format on demand or on a fixed schedule.

 Accessibility - Access the information model with OPCUA Client Libraries (C++, any .NET languages), B-Scada .NET API or REST.



Unlimited licensing for Status Enterprise is available at zero cost. With our Professional Services Model, the software is free and services such as consulting, installation, support and training are only available at a fee.

Basic Support

Basic support is included with all of our products. This includes access to all of the resources on ScadaUniversity.com which includes how-to videos, product documentation, whitepapers and case studies.

Basic support also allows access to the user Forum where you can ask product related questions. This forum is monitored by B-Scada support.

Premium Support

Premium support may be ordered as required at an hourly rate ($100/hr.). Premium support includes email and phone support for training, technical support, model design, screen design, custom data connector development, feature development and custom development.

Technical Support - How-To questions, troubleshooting and advice on best practices. Support is available by phone, email and webinar as needed.

Training – Online or onsite training is available. Travel time and expenses will be added for onsite training.

Model Design – Evaluation and implementation of best practices for model design.

Screen Design – Design and development of mimics for your live data. Other graphics design services.

Custom Data Connectors – Development of additional device connectivity to the B-Scada system.

Features – Development of new custom features for the system.

To order support, please submit a request.

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